You Won't Believe What this Barn Looks Like Inside


Flanders, Belgium Barn Exterior
Photo: designboom

This small barn located in Flanders, Belgium has been transformed into a dreamy office space, courtesy of Studio Farris Architects. The project utilizes "an autonomous piece of furniture" made of stacked wood beans that not only creates individual workspaces but also a  second floor.  

Flanders, Belgium Barn Interior 1
Photo: designboom


Yes, a second floor and a stairway to get there. To read more about the project and to see more pictures of the barn, both inside and out, visit designboom.

Flanders, Belgium Barn Interior 2
Photo: designboom


studio farris transforms a stable in belgium with stacked timber unit [designboom]


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Chris Gardner on May 18, 2016:

This makes my heart warm.

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