Birch Bark Sculpture

Birch Bark Sculpture

Brenda Griffin-Wagner does some extraordinary things with birch trees. She searches forests for fallen logs and then, after finding the perfect specimens, gently and painstakingly removes their beautiful bark. Out of this skin, she fashions lights. But that is too simple a word. Yes, her creations illuminate, but they are works of art first, lights second.

To inquire about Brenda’s work, she welcomes e-mails at Griffin_Canopy@yahoo.com.

Upcoming shows where she’ll be showing and selling her sculpture include:

Grand Marais, MN July 14 & 15; Art in the Park, Bemidji, MN July 21 & 22; Art in the Park, Alexandria, MN July 28 & 29; Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN August 4 & 5; ArtSplash, Sioux City, IA September 1 & 2; Starving Artist Show Mount Mary College, Milwaukee, WI September 9.

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