Shopping Guide: 10 Really Cool Gadgets For Your Home

We live in an era where the innovation to help us live a little easier comes out monthly. Technology for the home is not lacking and here are a few good ones that really can make living life at home a little more easier, enegy efficient, and safer.    


10 Gadgets for Your Home

1. Ring Video Doorbell

This gadget has been on my "want list" for some time. It is a video doorbell that when installed, rings to your phone. All you mamas with napping babies you don't need to have doorbell rage anymore. Not only does does it ring to your phone but it also shows a video of who is at the door. You can speak to your visitor or give package instructions through your phone. No finding out who is at the door...at the door. The greatest part of this is you can be away from home and still see and communicate with someone at your door. No one will know you are not home. Check more out about this product here.



10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home

2. BeON Home Protection System

Plug these light bulbs into your lamps and light fixtures to be controlled by your phone. Apart from your phone it learns how you use your lighting, and will replicate it even when you are not home... giving the illusion you are home. The lights will turn on when your doorbell rings deterring possible home robbery. No Wi Fi is needed. Each bulb has a 4 hour backup battery for use in power outages. See more about it here.

$199 at Amazon


10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home

10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home

$99 at Amazon

3. Amphiro A1 Self Monitoring Water Meter for Shower [Left]

This little device attaches to your shower and helps you monitor how much water you are using when you shower. You don't even need a plumber to install.

4. August Smart Lock [Right]

Unlock your door with your smart phone from anywhere. If you have guest or a trusted contractor coming, you can unlock the door for them without having to be there. You can also invite people to have the code for their smart phone and uninvite them at any time. This could be perfect for all you air BNB owners.



10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home




5. Phillips Morning Wake Up Light with Colored Sunrise Simulation

I own this and am obsessed with it. You set your alarm and it gently starts waking you up by simulating a sunrise. When the clock hits the time you set to wake up, it is full-on sunrise in your room. Believe me, it works like a charm. Check out how it works here.

$120 at Amazon


10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home


6. Nest Cam Security Camera

This devise is perfect for home security or just simply keeping an eye on your baby or pets.

$197 at Amazon



7. Smart Gadgets Smart Faucet

This gadget attaches to your bathroom faucet to help you conserve water as you wash hands or brush your teeth. There is no plumber needed for installation. Simply applying pressure to the lever releases the water only when needed.

$25 at Amazon

10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home


8. Ryobi Ultra Quiet Garage Door Opener

This garage door opener is ultra quiet and ultra powerful. Your babies or pets will never know you have come home. It is equipped with a 2 horsepower motor making it very powerful. It has battery backup for power outages which also doubles as a charger for your Ryobi tools. It also has a bright LED light, laser parking assist, and can be hooked up to a smart phone for control when you are away. No more driving back home when you forget to close the garage. It also has portals to add fans and electrical cords for tools.

$248 at Home Depot



10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home



10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home


9. Parrot Flower Power

Stick this little gadget into your indoor plants, upload the app, and now you have real time understanding of all your plants needs. It will tell you when it needs water, nutrients, sunlight, or a change in temperature. It has a database of 6,000 plants to meet your specific plants needs. There is no killing plants with this thing.

$50 at Amazon

10. Amazon Echo

I think this thing will do everything but clean your house. You can use it as speakers and it can read you books. It can work with your smart home devices (like all the ones listed above) to make them voice automated. It has voice control and will learn your voice. You can tell it grocery lists, to-do lists, and even ask it questions. It also, at a voice command, can re-order your purchases on Amazon. The only con is if you use Apple products more than Amazon. It is not compatible with iTunes.

$180 at Amazon

10 Cool Gadgets For Your Home
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