Make It: Quick and Easy Fairy Garden

DIY fairy garden supplies
Photo: I Heart Naptime

I have a serious soft spot in my heart for fairy gardens. I mean, who wouldn't? Miniature oases filled with teeny-tiny enchanted objects?? The 7-year-old girl in me gets a little giddy just thinking about it. Jamielyn's take on the DIY fairy garden includes some  great tips on how to keep the cost of creating one down. Like "borrowing" your kids' miniature toys to accessories the garden. (A Tinker Bell figurine would make a perfect garden occupant, wouldn't you agree?) Other things we'd need to make one include the obvious, like a pretty planter, soil, plants and decorative moss (although I've seen such gardens without moss.) For the entire tutorial, visit I Heart Naptime. (P.S. Could make for a great Mother's Day gift too!)

DIY fairy garden complete
Photo: I Heart Naptime

And if you're iffy about keeping those delicate plants alive for the long haul, Jamielyn's little flowerpot idea includes just moss and a few garden friends. 

plant-free fairy garden option
Photo: I Heart Naptime

DIY Planter Fairy Garden [I Heart Naptime]

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