Buzzy Garden Stakes

Make some cute little garden stakes in under 20 minutes.

I got most of this stuff at local craft and junk stores, but you should look around and see what you have lying around that could work.

What you'll need:

  • Old scissors
  • Wire Cutter
  • Needle Nose Pliers
  • 22 gauge wire (I used green floral wire)
  • Thin Copper Sheeting, cardstock weight (got mine from AX MAN) You could also use the printed side of pop cans for a folk-art feel.
  • Copper Tape, 1/2 inch wide or larger (look at a stained glass supply house)
  • Heavy needle or awl
  • Various Beads and Buttons
  • Chopstick or small dowel
  • Optional: Earring Wires
  • Optional: Work gloves
  • Optional: Marker (SHARPIE!)

Step 1:

CAREFULLY cut wing shapes from your copper sheeting. If you wish, you can scratch designs in the wings, draw with a sharpie, or treat them with bleach, polish them to a fine shine, or just let them oxidize naturally.

Buzzy Garden Stakes

Step 2: Cut a 4 inch piece of copper tape, peel off paper, and stick the wings on the tape. Fold it over to sandwich wings inside.

Step 3: Create Antenna. I used these old copper earwires which turned my ears green. I pulled them straight, then placed a crystal on the end, and bent the ends to keep them from falling off. You can also just make them out of the wire, with a bead on the end. Cut a 4 inch piece of wire and make into a 'w' shape.

Slide the antenna onto the loops, and pinch them shut. (sorry about the pink fingers, I was paper macheing earlier in the day with hand-dyed paper).

Step 4: Use a small piece of tape to cover the wire and make the 'head' of the bug.


Attach the head to the wings with a piece of tape that's cut in half, wrapping around antenna and over to the other side. Shape the body, and add more tape if you need to create more of a 'tail'.


Step 5: Create a loop with wire, and send through button. If needed, make holes in the wings using the awl or needle (BE CAREFUL!). Mine fit between the wings and didn't need a hole. 

On the underside, wrap wires together, trim to 3", and secure to stick with more copper tape.

Here's a blue one, and I used a candle to singe the wings, and I crimped the tail with my needlenose pliers to also be more lifelike.


All done!

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