Ricky's Cubical Makeover, Kardashian Style

Ricky's cubical before
Image: HGTV

HGTV has a new digital series starring Meg Allan Cole entitled, Cube Takeover. Why it took this long for somebody to come up with an idea for make-over show devoted to the corporate cube, we will never know. But it's finally here and it's super fun. Meg has a lot to do with that, but so  do the residents of the cubes who are willing to break out of the square mold. Meg's first client is Ricky who loves just about everything Kardashian. Meg ran with the Hollywood influence and came up with a design that just might leave Ricky's coworkers pea-green with envy. This is what Ricky's former cubical--pictured above--looks like now:

Ricky's cubical after
Image: HGTV

Meg thought out of the box for storage ideas and added makeup table organization boxes and kitchenware items.

Ricky's glam accessories
Image: HGTV

To watch the first episode in the series, visit this page at HGTV.

 Beautify Your Workspace With Ideas From HGTV's New Cube Takeover Series [HGTV]

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