How To: Make an Anthropologie-Inspired Swing Shelf


Anthropologie swing shelf
Photo: Anthropologie

When Jessica spotted Anthropologie's Swing Shelf ($108), she knew she could DIY one for a fraction of the cost. She did...and for only $25. Supplies were minimal and included some sisal rope, some copper  pressure cups, gold spray paint, a slab of 8" x 10" wood, drill and bits and glue. (Honestly, if I checked my leftover stash right now, I probably have everything on hand to make one--or several, for that matter!) Now it's time for you to decide if Jessica's knockoff was a success:

Jessica's DIY Swing Shelf
Photo: Momtastic

To see the entire tutorial, visit this page at Momtastic.

DIY Swing Shelf Inspired by Anthropologie [Momtastic]


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