Before & After: Lucy's Home Makeover

Lucy's living room before
Photo: Cup of Jo

Makeover stories are usually uplifting. This one is too, but it didn't start out that way. You see, Lucy's home didn't feel like home anymore as she had recently lost her husband. Lucy's sister Jo brainstormed with her interior designer friend Jenny Kmoenda and came up with a plan. They decided to  cheer up Lucy's home with a fresh start makeover while still paying homage to the memories she shared there with her husband. This is what Lucy's living room (pictured above) looks like now:

Lucy's living room after
Photo: Cup of Jo

Lucy's dining room and bedroom were made over too. Pictured below is what her dining room looked like before. To see what it looks like now, and to see the b & a of the bedroom too, visit A Cup of Jo. (The images of Lucy's reaction to the makeover alone are worth the trip.)

Lucy's dining room before
Photo: Cup of Jo

My Sister's Home Makeover [A Cup of Jo]

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