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8 Solutions to Help Your Rental Bathroom

by on Mar 22, 2016

Source: Apartment Therapy

Most rental bathrooms need a little help. Here are ideas that might help your rental bathroom be a little bit more stylish.   

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Temporary Wallpaper

Install some really fun patterned temporary wallpaper. Every time you will walk in you will be happy…and distracted from what you don’t love. Photo: Apartment Therapy

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Large Storage Baskets

Use large baskets for storage. They not only provide storage and added texture but they can hide the floors. Photo: Design Sponge

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Add Furniture

Add small or large pieces of furniture to give you more storage and make things look pretty. Source: My Domaine

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Make a Gallery Wall

Hang a gallery wall in your bathroom and turn it into an art installation or a wall of your favorite things. Source: Pinterest Addict

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Bold Shower Curtain

Hang a very colorful patterned shower curtain. The above rental has some issues here but my eye is drawn to the shower curtain. The art of distraction is in play here. Source: Ten June

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Embrace the Quirks

Embrace the quirks and style your bathroom with things that will complement the quirky elements in a bathroom. All of a sudden your bathroom will become adorable like Younghouselove’s guest bathroom above. Source: Younghouselove

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Cover the Floor with a Vinyl Rug

Cover the floor with a vinyl rug cut to size. Kerra Michele Huerta used a vinyl floor cloth from Spicher and Co. You could probably accomplish the same thing cheaper using a vinyl remnant from your local home store. Source: The Washington Post

8 Solutions for Rental Bathrooms

Add Plants

Add plants to your bathroom. Source: Design Sponge

Different shots of bathrooms shown.


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