Never-Give-Up Midcentury Modern Chair Makeover

MCM Thrift Store Chair Before MCM Thrift Store Chair After
Photo: Thrift Diving


Talk about a lesson in perseverance. When Serena snagged this marvelous MCM chair at a thrift store for $7, she had no idea what she was in for. After stripping the entire thing, she discovered the chair's back and body were constructed of two different types of wood. Then Serena had issues with  her sanding and finishing job. (Together they left a blotchy mess.) See?

MCM Thrift Store Chair With Blotchy Finish
Photo: Thrift Diving


Not deterred, she decided to paint the chair's body (made with the less-desireable wood) and readdress the blotchiness of the back with a steel wool rubdown. Then Serena applied tung oil to the walnut. (Exhausted just reading about the transformation? Me too.) Take a look at what the chair looks like now:

MCM Thrift Store Chair After
Photo: Thrift Diving


To read more about this makeover adventure, visit Thrift Diving.

Mid-Century Modern Chair Makeover Part 2 [Thrift Diving]

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Trudi on Feb 29, 2016:

Lovely chair! You did a beautiful job with it Serena!

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