Roundup: 7 Awesome Design and DIY Websites

7 Great Design and DIY Blogs

Great design content is all around us it sometimes can be overwhelming. There are so many good ones that I could list but I decided to post the 7 that I check consistantly. These seven websites and blogs I use for inspiration, advice, and are my resources for great DIY.     



7 Great Design and DIY Blogs



7 Great Design and DIY Blogs


1. Style by Emily Henderson - Emily not only has some seriously awesome makeovers but she also gives some great design advice and instruction. [Photo source: StylebyEmilyHenderson.com]

My favorite makeover:   The Oh Joy Studio

My favorite Series: Her design mistake series, especially the post about generic sofas

7 Great DIY and Design Blogs


7 Great DIY and Design Blogs


2. Making it Lovely - Nicole Balch is seriously good at pulling lovely interiors together in any style of home but what I love about her is that she embraces the quirks of old homes so well. She makes stylish what most would rip out. She gets me out of my box of colors. She paints walls bright and bold colors and layers them with even more colorful things yet her spaces still remain sophisticated.  [Photo Source: Making it Lovely]

Favorite makeover:   Her library...wow!

Favorite series: Her "Make it Yours Series" where she takes piece you could buy and gives styleboards for different styles.


10 Great Design and DIY blogs



10 Great DIY and DEsign Blogs


3. HomePolish -This website is full of of the most amazing home tours and DIY projects. I can get lost looking at this website there are so many good interiors here. [Photo Source: HomePolish]

Favorite makeover: This is not a makeover site but their home tours are amazing.

Favorite DIY: Their handbook series has great tips and DIY. I do love the above (right photo) dip dyed curtain DIY


10 Great Design and DIY blogs



10 Great Design and DIY Blogs


4. Young House Love - YHL really has become a household name first with their blog and their books. Even though they do not blog on a daily basis any longer their website still exists. It is full of 7 years of some serious DIY and great home decor content that can keep you inspired or help you out. What is even better is they do post updates every once in a while and I get giddy when they do. [Photo Source: YHL]

Favorite Makeover: Their new Dining Room

Favorite DIYs: I love their DIY projects for their kids.


7 Great Design and DIY Websites



7 Great Design and DIY Websites


5. Vintage Revivals - Mandi is fearless and really fun in her designs. She marries modern and vintage well. She has a true gift at thrifting and her repurpose and macrame skills are legit. She is my go to inspiration for DIY lighting. [Photo Source: Vintage Revivals]

Favorite Space: Her Living Room 

Favorite DIY: Her lighting projects



10 Great Design and DIY blogs



10 Great Design and DIY blogs



6. Little Green Notebook - Jenny Komenda has fun and unique spaces. She always inspires me how she pairs together textiles, patterns and color. Nothing matches and I love it but it all fits perfectly! She also is really good at accomplishing high end looks with DIY. She is a contributor to Domino magazine and a really talented designer...check her blog out. [Photo source: Little Green Notebook]

Favorite Makeover: Her current living room

Favorite DIY: Her upholstery projects like the bed above. 


7 great Design and DIY Blogs



7 great Design and DIY blogs


7. A Beautiful Mess - ABM is so much more than a home design blog, but I love their DIY projects. Their rooms and style are colorful and happy. Their DIY projects are so fun and doable. They are also a great resource if you are wanting to take great pictures on any device. [Photo Source: A Beautiful Mess]

My favorite Makeover: The Master Bedroom

My favorite DIY: The above giant pom pom floor pillows

7 Great Design and DIY blogs
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These are my go to sites on a daily basis and hopefully you will find them to be great resources too. Of course you can always find tons of great inspiration over here on Curbly and while I have only been a writer for less than a year, Curbly has always been a favorite as a reader! Check out Faith's favorite design blogs here.


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