Stunning and Surprising Kitchen Makeover

Stunning and Surprising Kitchen Makeover before
Photo: With Heart

I'm not sure if this kitchen makeover is stunningly surprising or surprisingly stunning. It might be stunning for obvious reasons, but it's surprising for what DIDN'T change. Namely the flooring, the appliances AND the cabinets. Yes, the  knotty pine (?) cabinets remained as did their dark hardware. Think with all that remained the outcome couldn't possibly be stunning? Check it out:

Stunningly surprising kitchen makeover after
Photo: With Heart

 Designer Jennifer Stagg had the vision to update as necessary with a new quartz countertop, a white subway tile backsplash and new lighting and decor elements. Her client is so pleased with the outcome she/he "almost" likes the wooden cabinets, which were unchanged because of budget considerations. Personally, I think they look completely purposeful and are a warm and surprising alternative to the typical white cabinet "after pics we're so used to seeing these days. What do you think? Yea or nay to the look of the natural wood?

For many more pictures and information regarding this project, visit With Heart. 

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Gogogramma on Mar 04, 2016:

I'd appreciate this more if the photos were taken with the exact same view. We dont see the fridge, the table,the back door and it is
hard to appreciate the "stunning" makeover, at least for me. Thanks for sharing though.

Leanna on Feb 26, 2016:

Isn't this just the same kitchen during the day?

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