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Before & After: Vintage Desk Makeover

by on Feb 22, 2016

Vintage Desk Before Makeover Vintage Desk After Makeover
Photo: Southern Revivals 

Jamie snagged this vintage desk over 2 years ago at a local thrift shop. During that time, she’s been using the desk regularly as a dedicated blogging space. But the desk was overwhelmed with electronics. And the overall effect of the mismatched stool + desk wasn’t working for Jamie, so she made over both. Retained the original patinated hardware but painted everything else with General Finishes Black Pepper. (If you’ve never used GF products, you don’t know what your missing! They’are fabulous.) As for the stool, she shot it with gold spray paint and “hacked up a perfectly good rug from the TJ Maxx” to make the fuzzy top. Enough with the words; check out the after pic:

Vintage Desk After Makeover
Photo: Southern Revivals 


Jamie’s going to continue using the desk as a desk, but wouldn’t it make a perfect dressing table? 

For more information about he project, along with pictures detailing the makeover process, visit Southern Revivals. 

Vintage Desk Makeover [Southern Revivals]

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