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Eye Candy: 10 Inspiring Cabins that Will Make You Want to Spend a Week in the Woods

by on Feb 17, 2016

Whether they are surrounded by snow or water or both, we adore these cabins. So much so, we’d like to spend a week (or a month or a year or forever) in one of them. How about you? How long would you like to escape into the woods? Which of these woodsy retreats speak to your adventurous side?

Rustic cabin in Montana's Yellowstone Club
Photo: Decoholic

1. We’ll start out strong with this cabin located in Montana’s Yellowstone Club, this cabin is one of which dreams are made. Seriously. Just look at that landscape.

The inside is just as impressive too. For a tour of the property, visit Decoholic. 

Rustic cabin in Montana's Yellowstone Club Interior
Photo: Decoholic

2. Called the Firefly, this lovely cabin in the Cornish countryside was once an old carpenter’s workshop.

Cornish countryside cabin
Photo:  Small House Bliss

And here it is on the inside. (That rope light fixture alone is pin-worthy!) To see a full tour of the cabin, go to Small House Bliss. 

Cornish countryside cabin interior
Photo:  Small House Bliss

3. This cozy retreat is located near Denver, CO.

Colorado Cabin
Photo: Usual House

Inside, it embraces American Southwest influences. To see more, visit Usual House. 

Colorado cabin interior
Photo: Usual House

4. Kim and her husband Jonny built this getaway in a the Catskills.

Catskill getaway
Photo: Design Sponge

And here it is on the inside. For more pictures, visit Design Sponge.

Catskill getaway interior
Photo: Design Sponge

5. Gorgeous outside and inside, this cabin situated in a Nordic wonderland is positively magical.

Nordic wonderland cabin
Photo: Domino

Inside, it’s bright but still oh-so-cozy. For more pictures, visit Domino.

Nordic wonderland interior
Photo: Domino

6. Another snowy retreat, this time in Italy!

Italian cabin
Photo: Tiny House Living

Inside it’s minimal and inviting. For more pictures and information, visit Tiny House Living.

Italian cabin interior
Photo: Tiny House Living

7. The Sugar Bowl is a mountain cabin for the lover of everything modern.

Sugar Bowl cabin
Photo: John Maniscalco Architecture

Inside is pure perfection. For more amazing pictures, visit John Maniscalco Architecture.

Sugar Bowl cabin interior
Photo: John Maniscalco Architecture

8. For something a bit more budget-friendly, the Wind River Bungalow doesn’t get much sweeter. And, yes, you can have one built for somewhere between $25,000 to $70,000. 

Wind River Bungalow
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes

It’s as sweet inside as outside, too.

Wind River Bungalow interior
Photo: Wind River Tiny Homes

9. And speaking of building a cabin, you can build this next one yourself. Called a Relax Shack, the A-frame cabin plan will set you back $29.95. We’re told the entire build can cost as little as $1,200. (Although, I might not want to spend a getaway in a snowy climate in one.)

Relax Shack A-Frame
Photo: Relax Shacks

Inside, a Relax Shack provides all the comforts of home. To see more pictures and to get more information about Relax Shacks, click here.

Relax Shack interior
Photo: Relax Shacks

10. To end on a high note, check out this breathtaking cross between a cabin and forest lookout tower located in the Judith Mountains, Montana.

Judith Mountains cabin
Photo: Midrivers

Inside, the tower is as open and airy as you’d hope it would be. For more pictures and information about the structure, visit

Judith Mountains cabin interior
Photo: Midrivers
10 Inspiring Cabins in the Woods That We Love
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That’s it for this tour of cabins in the woods. Now it’s time to pick your favorite!

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