Before & After: Kitchen Wall Turned Office Area

Kitchen office wall before.
Photo: Creatively Living Blog

We see a lot of home offices in guest rooms and craft rooms, but tucking one inside a kitchen, that's more rare. After seeing Katie's kitchen wall transformation, the trend just might catch on though. Of course, the first thing needed is a kitchen large enough to sacrifice the real estate. Luckily, Katie  had it. Before, the wall in question highlighted unused space. Katie's solution to that was to first give the wall purpose with a coat of chalkboard paint.

Kitchen office wall after.
Photo: Creatively Living Blog


Then she populated the area with a small slim desk, chair, message board, a gold lamp and other glitzy doo-dads to give the area pizzazz. Check out the comparision:

Kitchen office wall before and after.
Photo: Creatively Living Blog


For more information about this makeover, visit Creatively Living Blog. (BTW, Katie is promising a bunch of individual tutorials of some of the items featured in the makeover in the near future.)

Kitchen Office Wall Remodel--Before and Afters [Creatively Living Blog]


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