From Putrid to Polkadot: Dining Side Chair Makeover

Putrid to Polkadot side chair before
Photo: Little Vintage Cottage

Honestly, would you take a second look at these two dining side chairs if you came across them on CL or at the GW? If you think they looked rough on the outside, they looked even WORSE on the inside. Check  it out:

Gross side chair interior before
Photo: Little Vintage Cottage

Scary! But that bunch of gross didn't stop Tania from the task at hand. Some paint, new stuffing, and polkadot burlap later, and this is what one of the chairs looks like now:

Putrid Polkadot side chair after
Photo: Little Vintage Cottage

No word on what Tania's plans might be for the chair's mate, but I'm guessing it will be equally spectacular! For detailed photographs about this transformation, please visit Little Vintage Cottage.

Side Chair Makeover [Little Vintage Cottage]



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