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How To: Make an Adult Coloring Book Coffee Table

by on Jan 26, 2016


Photo: Mark Montano

Mark Montano recently mashed up an IKEA Lack table and pages from an adult coloring book to outstanding effects. Minus the Lack table, we probably have all the supplies we need to make one, thanks to Mark, as he offers three printable coloring book pages used in the project.

Adult coloring book table
Photo: Mark Montano


He thumbnails the steps on his blog and offers a video as well, which you can see here:


The only thing that might make this project better is finishing it up with some clear dry erase paint, like Sherwin William’s Dry Erase Coating. That way your guests (and you) could color and recolor it to your hearts’ content. For more pictures and instructions, please visit Mark’s blog. 

Adult Coloring Book Ikea Hack [Make Your Mark with Mark Montano]

Here are some  Adult Coloring Books we enjoy!


The Sweary Coloring Book for Adults 

(Careful: This one is not to be used in polite company…)


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