Before and After: Kid's Closet Makeover

Kids Closet Makeover

I have an 8 year old little boy and his closet needed a serious makeover. The long list of problems was clear. Let's start with the air conditioning duct that went from the attic unit to the main floor. It had sharp edges. Kid friendly... nope. We had stained wall paper, badly painted built-ins, and cracked plaster walls. Here is how the closet looks today.    



Our first round of renovations got rid of most the problems. We added a HVAC unit in our basement so the system from the attic didn't have to go all the way to the first floor. I painted the room closet Black Magic from Olympic and the trim Benjamin Moore Simply White. The clothes he wears less often are hanging on the rod. He can reach them with his stool. The built-ins house all sorts of toys. I think there might be 20 different Incredible Hulks in there. The laundry baskets store extra linens and clothes to donate.

Kids Closet Makeover

I am not sure what those stains are but they are gone now.

Kids Closet Makeover

This side of the closet is super shallow. There was a hanging rod there but the clothes would go past the door. So I decided to install shelves. They might be used differently later but I hung an Ikea rail under the shelves and attached fabric hanging shelves. Every slot has a place and it makes it easy for an 8 year old to keep organized. If these were not there it would all pile up like crazy!

Kids Closet Makeover

I just grabbed some wire kitchen cabinet shelves for his little shoes.

Kids' Closet Makeover
1. Amazon 2. Ikea 3. Menards 4. Ikea 5. Ikea 6. Ikea 7. Storables

Here is how you could execute this look in your closet.

Kids Closet Makeover

My son told me this morning that he was done with Ninja Turtles and I told him that they would still keep him warm until he outgrew it.  Just in case you missed his room reveal, check out this Curbly post here.

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