IKEA Hack: Mostorp TV Unit goes Mid-Century Modern



Mostorp Before
Photo: IKEA

Kortiny wanted a mid-century modern credenza for her new house, but the cost of such was not in the cards. So, like any good DIYer, she set out to make her own with the help of an IKEA Mostorp TV Unit. Haven't heard of the Mostorp? That's because it's a new product, which just happened to be perfect for Kortiny's hack. Although it had the right overall vibe, its legs were  lacking style and its stark white finish had to be toned down. Kortiny found some new legs more to her liking and walnut veener to cover some of that acerage of white. With just those two supplies, Kortiny's vision took shape. Take a look at what the unit looks like now:

Mostorp After
Photo: Kortiny on Imgur

A proper credenza with that MCM feel. For more information about this hack, including detailed pictures, click here. 

Mid Century Credenza Ikea Hack [Imgur]


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troutay on Jan 20, 2016:

I wonder if you could cover it all with stikwood?
Nice overall design, but I hate the white and don't like veneer.
and it would be nice if it were taller which could be done easily

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