How to bogart wedding favors and what to do with them after you get them.

A great way to bogart wedding favors is to enlist the help of a groomsman. They seem to be able to talk unsuspecting female guests to fork over their free gifts. (If you’ve seen Wedding Crashers, you’ll know what I’m talking about.)

How to bogart wedding favors and what to do with them after you get them.

Another good tactic, if you don’t know anybody at the wedding, is to sit at a dinner table with the fewest amount of guest. (Hey, you don’t know anybody anyway, so why sit with a bunch of strangers?) This way, you can pilfer all the ‘extra’ favors from the table.

When the meal is over, guests always head to the liquid refreshment area. This is when you want to start paying attention. Soon the music will begin, which is the cue for the wait staff to begin clearing tables. If you stay one step ahead of them, you can snag the favors off the tables that the uninterested guests have left behind. (Those who want them, have already slipped them in their purses or pockets.)

Finally, keep an eye on the floor. People drop them, they get muscled off tables. You know what I mean.

Now that you know how to bogart the favors, you’ll probably wonder what you’re going to do with them all. A few weeks ago, these sweet little ‘love’ heart charms were attached to tulle bags of candy. They made cute wine stem markers. I made a set for each of my sibs and one for the happy couple. (If anybody's interested in how to make these, let me know and I'll post easy instructions.)

This last weekend I nearly fainted when got a glimpse of these babies: plastic crystal bobble thingies. I had to have them. All of them! Actually, I set my sights on 12, which, with the help of all the hints above, I managed to get. The only problem is, I’m not sure what to do with them. Holiday ornaments? Naw. Outdoor light catcher dealies? Maybe. What do you think? Any ideas? 

"Thank You" wedding favor pic courtesy of beau-coup.com.

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