Roundup: 10 Small Bathrooms With Stylish Storage

Roundup: 10 Small Bathrooms With Stylish Storage
Source: Bloglovin; Photo: Daniella Witte

Many of us live in a home with a small bathroom. Here are ten bathrooms that showcase some stylish storage.       1. The above bathroom did not have much space to work with storage-wise. Extending the shelf that holds the small sink all the way across the wall gives a place to store basic needs.

Source: One Kings Lane; Designer Megan Pflug

2. A strategically placed small dresser gives this bathroom lots of funtional storage for toiletries. I love the stylish storage of towels.

Source: Style Caster 

3. This bathroom used the little space between the toilet and wall to pack in some needed storage. Painting it the same color as the wall makes it blend in well.

Source: Micasa via Decoholic

4. This bathroom added deep shelves over the radiator to gain more space. I love how they are next to the sink. This bathroom is small but so functional. Having no shower door helps with the flow of the space.

Source: kzablog

5. The creative open storage above the toilet could be used for many things. I like the look of the chunky boxes instead of just plain shelves.

Source: Apartment Therapy

6. If you are not into open storage add a cabinet over the toilet. Don't be afraid to go big and blend it in by unifying the color with the walls.

Source: Popsugar

7. This is a small bathroom that has a nice vanity. Sometimes a well-thought out vanity with lots of can heal all frustrations of a small bathroom.

Source: Lonny

8. Often, the storage you need is simply figuring out how two people get ready in this small space. An easy way to fix this is make the mirror go beyond the sink. One person brushing their teeth and the other fixing their hair...it could work in this bathroom.

Source: nyttlantliv

9. Getting storage in a small bathroom can sometimes make you do things unconventionally. This bathroom was able to get some great storage by placing the vanity under the slanted ceiling. The mirror is placed on the opposite full-height wall. It's different but it works. This opened up the space, allowed for great storage, and allowed the flow of the bathroom to make sense.

10. Sometimes living with a small bathroom means your storage needs to be elsewhere. This medicine cabinet gives a place for the basic necessities of the bathroom. Add a seated vanity to your bedroom and you have just made your small bathroom work.

Do you have a small bathroom? If you could add storage in your bathroom what would it be? Looking for more bathroom posts? Check out this Curbly post.

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