Before and After: 30 Second Family Room Makeover

Basset Family Room Makeover Before
Photo: Bassett

Okay, the video lasts 30 seconds. The entire makeover took 30 days courtesy of Bassett Furniture. But let's not dwell on that. Before this family room disapeared into a beige cave. New paint, art, furniture, rug, lamps...you name it...made the space come alive thanks in part to loads of contrast and pops of luscious turquoise. Here's what the room  looks like now:

Bassett Living Room Makeover After
Photo: Bassett

As for that 30 second video, check it out here:


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Dee on Jan 12, 2016:

Very misleading. Everything is new and in 30 days? Sheez anyone can do that.

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