Creating an Outdoor Winter Living Space


The barren deck before.
Photo: The Yellow Cape Cod

I'm jealous of this transformation for two reasons. 1. That people actually can use outdoor living spaces in the wintertime. (Around here, they would probably include some sort of an igloo structure, which wouldn't really be considered "outdoor" now that I think  about it) 2. That AE Outdoor chose to partner with Sarah instead of me. (Okay, that last part could have never happened because I'm not the partnering type. But still...) So, yeah, Sarah partnered with AE Outdoor, which resulted in them sending over an 8 piece sectional for Sarah to play with. Her deck went from stark and lonely to cozy and gorgeous.

Barren deck decked out.
Photo: The Yellow Cape Cod

Ready for a cocoa and cuddle:

Barren deck cuddle up.
Photo: The Yellow Cape Cod

To see more individual elements of this lovely ensemble, including how the sectional looks in a more rustic setting, visit The Yellow Cape Cod.

Makeover Reveal - Two Winter Outdoor Living Spaces! [The Yellow Cape Cod]



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