14 Clever Ways to Create Extra Storage Using Everyday Objects

14 Clever Ways to Create Extra Storage Using Everyday Objects
Photo: Today's Creative Life

If there's one thing that's better than scoring extra storage, it's creating said storage out of unused items you have lying about the house! And lucky for us, there are plenty of great tutorials online for repurposing old items and turning them into something that's not only functional, but also looks a million dollars. Click through for my favourites! 

 If you find yourself with a spare ladder, check out this tutorial to make some spiffy looking shelves (via A Pair and a Spare)

Photo: A Pair and a Spare

Can you believe these clip-on desk caddies were made using tin cans and a loaf pan? (via Brit + Co)

Photo: Brit + Co

Speaking of tin cans, here's another tutorial for dressing them up to make pretty patterned pencil cups (via Little Birds Blog)

Photo: Little Birds Blog

Got spare picture frames lying around? Give them a coat of paint and you've got a fab way to display your jewellery! (via Monaluna)

Photo: Monaluna

Anything's fair game when it comes to bathroom storage. Try using old vessels like candle votives to make pretty patterned make-up brush pots (via Today's Creative Life)

Photo: Today's Creative Life

If you find yourself with an extra cutlery tray, don't throw it away - instead, turn it into a neat shelf for your crafty bits and bobs (via Going Home to Roost)

Photo: Going Home to Roost

Hold onto those tic tac containers! They make super functional storage for your bobby pins, hair ties or paper clips (via Lovely Indeed)

Photo: Lovely Indeed

Got a lot of gift wrap? Use an old door to store it neatly and show off all those pretty patterns at the same time! (via Cleverly Inspired

Photo: Cleverly Inspired

There are SO many ways to use the humble toilet roll, from stationery storage, to jewellery holders, to cord organisers. See more at DIY Cozy Home.  

Photo: DIY Cozy Home

Yep it's another cutlery tray project - they're just so versatile! This time, simply add a few nails and you've got a great place to store your keys (via Better Homes and Gardens). 

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

Looking for a clever way to house your make-up brushes? Try using a sushi mat - it's stylish, easy to make and super functional! (via Irina's Cute Box)

Photo: Irina's Cute Box

Shallow boxes make the best shelves - with just a bit of paint and a patterned background, you'll have a gorgeous way to show off those knick knacks (via Home Talk)

Photo: Home Talk

Turn that leftover lattice into a pegboard for your craft supplies and inspirational quotes! (via Brepurposed)

Photo: Brepurposed

Wire caddies already make great kitchen storage, but if you've got a few too many, move them to the office and use them as mail organisers! (via A House Full of Sunshine)

Photo: A House Full of Sunshine


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