Curbly Bookworm: Crafting with Wood Pallets

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Becky Lamb gets it: no matter what some people may say, crafting stuff out of wood pallets will continue to be popular. Her love of the humble shipping staple started a long time ago with a DIY shelf. Her love affair has culminated into a complete book packed with 25+ rustic projects using them, and they just might be the inspiration you need to finally start making stuff out of those pallets you've been collecting. (Do I see a New Year's resolution in your future? If the answer is, "Yes",  Crafting with Wood Pallets will help you stick to it.)


Before she embarks on the projects, Becky covers pallet essentials like where to find them, and what to look for once you do. In this section, Becky tells us how to find out if the pallets under consideration were heat treated or chemically treated. (Of course, the best to use for safety's sake would be heat-treated pallets.) From there, we go into tools and equipment Becky recommends for making her projects, how to dismantle pallets, and, finally, painting techniques to give the pallets a pop of color. 

Crafting with Wood Pallets back cover
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Now to the meat of the matter: the projects. The tutorials are separated into 5 categories and include Storage and Organization (like making a jewelry organizer); Around the House (which includes a "coffee" coffee table); The Great Outdoors (the potting bench is a must try); Art and Decor (the abstract, inspirational word art project could be taken into a multitude of directions, both literally and figuratively); and Bits and Pieces: Using Pallet Scraps (think house numbers and coasters and such). 

Crafting with Wood Pallets potting bench
Photo: Ulysess Press


Crafting with Wood Pallets, whose complete title is actually Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts and More, is available now from Ulysses Press.  You can find it at places like Amazon  and Barnes & Noble (both for about $12), including their corresponding digital media.


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