Before and After: $15 Bar Cart Gets a Glam Makeover


$15 bar cart before
Photo: Artsy Chicks Rule


Nancy nabbed this forlorn bar cart for $15 at a garage/estate sale. She saw its potential and gave it a glamourous makeover. It started with a good cleaning, then she covered the cool gold-speckled wheels  with tape and shot the metal bits of the cart with bright gold spray paint.

$15 bar cart wheel
Photo: Artsy Chicks Rule

It was looking much better, but the faux wood finish on the shelves had to go. Or at least covered. So Nancy took the cart to her local glass shop and had glass cut to fit. Take a look at the cart now...not at all forlorn:

$15 bar cart after
Photo: Artsy Chicks Rule

For more information about the project, including a great close-up of those cool gold-speckled wheels, visit Artsy Chicks Rule.

Beverage Cart Goes Glam (Trash to Treasure) [Artsy Chicks Rule]


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