How To: Make a Vegetable Wreath

Primary Vegetable Wreath
Photo: HGTV Gardens


I'm on the fence on this first one. On one hand, it's fabulously quirky, but on the other hand, it looks a bit more spring-y than Christmas-y. But the NEXT one??  Perfection! 

Veggie wreath supplies
Photo: HGTV Gardens

Supplies for both wreaths include a grapevine wreath and wire, but red cabbage and cranberries take this option to the next level. And it's the best use of brussel sprouts I've ever seen. 

Christmas-y veggie wreath
Photo: HGTV Gardens

As for the tutorials for both, head on over to HGTV Gardens to check them out.

Create Your Own Vegetable Wreaths [HGTV Gardens]


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