How to: DIY Typographic No-Sew Holiday Banner

by on Nov 21, 2019

Yep, the season is here and I’m ready to deck. those. halls. Each year, I lean more and more towards minimal Christmas decorations and I love simple black and white with splashes of metallics. I’m a huge fan of a banner or pendent. They are easy to hang and roll up small and compact to pack away for the rest of the year. Banners add a relaxed, informal vibe to a space. This no-sew, narrow NOEL banner is perfect for a tight space. I’m hanging mine on a tiny space on my wall between the door and window. 

"cutting with beautiful purple color scissor."

Felt is one of my favorite materials to work with.  It’s inexpensive and requires no sewing.            A cozy grey couch with a view of the door entrance

a Noel sign hanging on a white wall, next to a green flowering plant and a bottle of wine.



  • fabric scissors ($20 on Amazon)
  • felt glue
  • black and white felt
  • NOEL letter templates
  • 12″ piece of narrow dowel
  • yarn, string or twine


Begin by printing out the N-O-E-L letters. Trim them, but don’t cut all the way to the edge of the letters. When you cut out the letter, it helps to stabalize the fabric if you are cutting through both the paper and fabric together.

Typographic letter L is on a piece of paper cut with scissor.



Pin the letters to the white felt in a few places. Cut out the letters with good sharp fabric scissors.

A black 'E' ready for sewing onto a banner.

A woman's hand with scissors, cutting white fabric with a pinned pattern attached.



Using scissors to cut out a 10″ by 36″ rectangle of the black felt. Or, if you have one, a rotary cutter and cutting mat works even better to get nice straight even sides.

A tool is sitting on a gridded cutting board.

Fold down the top on the black felt about 2″ to make a sleeve for the dowel.  Use felt glue to adhere the felt together.  

Black felt and glue for making a banner.

A black towel is on the white marble floor.



Lay out the letters so that the are centered and evenly space.  Glue down the letters with more felt glue.

A hand holding and pink and white bottle of glue.




When the glue has dried, you can fold the bottom edge of the banner in half and cut a diagonal line from the center out to the sides to create the V shape.

"black wool cloth."

Tie some twine or string to the dowel for hanging the banner.

A black piece of fabric has a string hanging from it on a marble floor.


And that’s it!

This would be an easy project to customize the colors and message.  How cute would a JOY banner in red and white be?

A black sign with the word Noel hangs near a plant.

A round gold wire side table with a tall black vase with some eucalyptus leaves in it and a black banner hanging on the wall.



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