How To: Make a Plaid Christmas Wreath

Plaid FAbric Wreath

Plaid is usually defined as "rustic Christmas" but this year, with the trend taking center stage, you can throw some plaid into any design style. If you are into "easy DIY" then this wreath is for you. Grab your favorite plaid fabric and lets get started.          

Plaid FAbric Wreath


  • Straw wreath of any size. 
  • Plaid fabric of your choice. I actually had a hard time finding buffalo check so I grabbed a mens 2XL men's shirt. Be creative but make sure you get enough fabric for extra. My suggestion is 2 yards for an 18inch wreath.
  • Hot glue gun and hotglue sticks
  • Scissors

Plaid FAbric Wreath

Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips. Make sure they are thick enough to have a folded edge with some extra. The folded edge helps the wrapped wreath look more polished. I wanted a modern take on the plaid wreath, but if you want a more rustic look then you can wrap the wreath with frayed edges.

Step 2: Grab your straw wreath and leave the plastic on to keep the straw from straying. Chose which side will be the back side. This will be the side you will start and stop your strips of fabric. With hot glue, glue the edge of the fabric down on the back of the wreath form.

Step 3: Wrap your fabric tightly around the form. I chose buffalo check plaid. To make sure the pattern of plaid is seen I made sure my folds lined up with the pattern.

Step 4: Before you glue the end of your strip to the back of the wreath, take a look at your wrapping to see if your wraps are evening spaced out. I also checked to make sure the plaid pattern was seen.

Plaid FAbric Wreath

Step 5: To start my next fabric strip, I folded the fabric and lined up the pattern on the front first. This is important. It will be easy to just start your next strip on the back and not line it up, but I promise you the end product is worth it when you can see the pattern. After you line it up on the front, hot glue the strip to the back and cut any excess. (There might be excess because you lined up the pattern.)

Step 6: Start wrapping again repeating steps 2-5 until your wreath is wrapped.

Step 7: When your wrapping finally meets up with where you started you will have two unfolded edges with a little gap. 

Step 8: Cut your last strip. This one can be short because you only need it to cover the opening. You don't want to wrap too much because your wreath will be thicker in this area if you do. Make sure you cut a wide enough strip of fabric to fold both sides. Finally, make sure you  pattern match and wrap the unfinished part of the wreath. Overlap the ends and secure them with hot glue.  All you have left to do is hang it up.

Plaid FAbric Wreath

Plaid FAbric Wreath

I love how the wreath stands out among the simplicity of the prints. My mantel is ready to go for Christmas. All it needs is a little fire.

Plaid FAbric Wreath

How are you incorporating plaid into your Christmas decor this year? If you want to know how to use plaid all year round check out this post. Do you want more Christmas wreath inspiration? Check out this awesome winter wonderland wreath.




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