DIY Kitchen Island Made of Pallets

pallets used for DIY kitchen island
Photo: Noting Grace

When Jen needed a cost-effective kitchen island for her rental, she turned to pallets. She'd had success before using them to re-do a bookcase, so this was familiar territory for her. First in the island's creation was building a frame--the wood for which, Jen notes, was the only lumber that was actually purchased for the project.  

DIY pallet island framing
Photo: Noting Grace


After that, it was just a matter of applying the weathered pallet wood in strategic places to highlight it. Interior shelving was added for hidden storage. To see more pictures and read more about the project, please visit Noting Grace. As far as contemplating any hygiene issues you may have with the project, I'll leave that up to you to discuss in the comments below!

completed DIY pallet kitchen island
Photo: Noting Grace


DIY Pallet Kitchen Island for Less Than $50 [Noting Grace]






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