How To: Cozy Up this Season with this DIY Typographic Pillow Project

by on Oct 3, 2016

A hand holding lets snuggle sign showing off a pillow

Pillows are the best way to change up a room for the new season.  And nothing is more cuddly and warm then a soft flannel shirt.  This fun flannel pillow is sure to encourage some quality time on the sofa.

Here’s what you’ll need:

A pillow with the word Let's Snuggle sits on a couch.
photo: Jeran McConnel
A plaid pink, white and black pillow that says "let's snuggle" atop a green, black and white plaid flannel blanket.
photo: Jeran McConnel

Start by printing out the template and using an x-acto knife (or take a short cut [like I did] and use a personal cutting machine like a Cricut Machine) cut out the freezer paper stencil, shiny side down. 

A blue box of freezer paper sits on a white surface.
Cutting stencil with a blade.

If you are using a plaid flannel, be sure to cut on the lines so that the lines are square with the pillow edges.  Cut two 20″ squares of the fabric.

A person is cutting cloth with a scissor.
Cloth along with measuring tap and scissor.

Center the stencil on one of the pieces of fabric.  Be sure to line up the letters with the lines in the fabric.

This fun flannel pillow is sure to encourage some quality time on the sofa.

Using a hot iron with the steam turned out, iron on the stencil to adhere it to the fabric.

Person is ironing a cloth.

Using the sponge stencil and the black paint, dab the paint on to the fabric.

A white plate is sitting on a plaid pink blanket.
Working at printing letters on a pillow with a stencil.

When the paint is dry, you can peel off the stencil.

A pillow with "LET'S SNUGGLE" on it.
Inserting letters onto a pillow.

To set the paint.  Iron onto the painted letters directly or place the painted fabric into the dryer on high for 10 mins.

Now place the good sides of the fabric together and stitch around the pillow, leaving an opening to put the pillow insert in.  Then top stitch the pillow opening closed.  

Pillow cover getting snitched in a sewing machine.

I think it could be cute to make a pair of pillows and the other one could say “Get Cozy”.  

A pink plaid pillow with the word Let's Snuggle near a green plaid blanket.
photo: Jeran McConnel
Pillow on sofa with words, "Let's Snuggle".
photo: Jeran McConnel


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