How To: Make a Bubble Lampshade

How To: Make a Bubble Lampshade
Photo: Pudel-design

After spotting this idea on random roundups without links to the original project, I decided to go on a how-to hunt. Turns out the Bubble Lampshade tutorial comes form Lydia Pudel and the technique, although easy enough, involves more than just  stringing up some clear Christmas balls inside a lampshade. It started with an IKEA JARA lampshade ($15), which she painted outside and gold-leafed inside. (JARA also comes in white now, so painting wouldn't be necessary.) Only later did the clear balls come into play. But don't take my word for it; visit Pudel-design for the entire tutorial. 

DIY Bubble Chandelier from IKEA Lampshade [Pudel-design]

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