Roundup: 14 More Adult Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Awesome & Easy to Recreate

Roundup: 14 More Adult Halloween Costumes That Are Totally Awesome & Easy to Recreate

The countdown is on, with less than 2 weeks left before Halloween. Which means there are plenty of Halloween costumes out there by now to DIY, but perhaps not quite as many that are actually worth making (and pretty easy too). So, I've rounded my favorite DIY adult Halloween costumes for you to peruse, if you're headed to a costume party or just in the mood to get festive this Halloween. Here are 14 adult Halloween costume ideas that are totally awesome AND easy to recreate.



Photo: Sugar & Cloth

1. DIY Pantone Couples Costume


Photo: Rachel Brewer

2. Cleopatra Halloween Costume DIY 

Buy or DIY? 

If you aren't feeling crafty you can buy a similar costume like this one on Amazon.

Cleopatra Costume


Photo: Making Nice in the Midwest

3. Grayscale Film Noir Couple Costume

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Photo: Persia Lou

4. DIY Cookie Monster Costume


Photo: Say Yes

5. Greased Lightning Costumes


Photo: Camille Styles

6. A League of Their Own Costume


Photo: Studio DIY

7. DIY Popcorn Costume


Photo: Christi Craig

8. DIY Pumpkin Spice Latte Costume


Photo: Keiko Lynn

9. Mary Poppins DIY Costume


Photo: Brittni Mehlhoff

10. Bird Halloween Costume DIY


Photo: Amelia Tatnall

11. DIY Popsicle Costume for Halloween


Photo: Lovely Indeed

12. DIY Birds of a Feather Costume


Photo: Paper & Stitch

13. Wednesday Addams Halloween Costume

Buy or DIY?

You can buy this costume if DIY isn't your thing.

Wednesday Addams Costume


Photo: Camille Styles

14. Safari Couples Costume (get the hat on Amazon)


For more DIY costume ideas, check out last year's roundup of awesome adult Halloween costumes.

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Bliss on Oct 20, 2015:

Could you not find *one* person of colour in a cool costume?

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