Emily Henderson's New Book Is Out AND IT BELONGS IN YOUR LIBRARY (And on your coffee table)!

Styled by Emily Henderson

If you followed our Curbly House renovation over the last few years, you probably know the highlight was getting to work with designer and stylist, Emily Henderson, to makeover four rooms in our home in just five days. Trust me, just going vintage shopping with Emily is like a college-level course in design, styling, and good taste. Well, now Emily's out with her very first book, Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves, and it is absolutely spectacular (we got our hands on one a little early and have already read it cover to cover). 

First, a little throwback: remember when Emily appeared on our doorstep (with her friend Orlando to lend a hand) and helped us magically transform our entire house!? Here's what happened:

Curbly House living room styled by Emily Henderson
Living Room - Photo: Melissa Oholendt
Curbly House sunroom styled by Emily Henderson
Sunroom- Photo: Melissa Oholendt
Dining Room of the Curbly House, styled by Emily Henderson
Dining Room- Photo: Melissa Oholendt
Curbly House bedroom
Bedroom- Photo: Melissa Oholendt

We learned an incredible amount from Emily in our whirlwind week together; and, I daresay, that working with her has influenced us more (work and style-wise) than anything else we've done in the last five years. So, yeah, I think this book is pretty amazing. And, I think it will offer you a slice of what it's like to work with Emily. There won't be as much talk about 'Felicity', reality television, and you'll miss her rendition of, "Part of Your World" (from the Little Mermaid). But, your house will come out looking and feeling more like you, and that's a gift.

Styled by Emily Henderson

The book is filled with more than 1,000 unique styling ideas and 75 ridiculously beautiful rooms that'll inspire you embark on your own styling adventures. Here's some of what's in store:

Styled by Emily Henderson

Kitchen styling tips from Emily Henderson

You can find Emily's book on Amazon ($18).



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bruno on Oct 19, 2015:

@anna - I don't know about a guarantee, but I definitely think it will help!

Anna on Oct 16, 2015:

I just ordered my copy. Can you guarantee my house will look as pretty as yours if I read Emily's book? ;)

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