A Very Surprising Kitchen Makeover

A Very Surprising Kitchen Makeover
Photo: Aston Design Studio

Hate oak cabinetry? Most people these days seem to, or feel that they are expected to hate it. However, the people who own the kitchen pictured above didn't and weren't afraid to admit their preference. They liked oak's "refined rustic/craftsman style." So, when it came time to  makeover the space, they were determined to keep it. At least some of it. To make it less overwhelming, the oak flooring was removed and replaced with something much more durable: slate (head over to The Home Depot for some great options of your own). Then, to add contrast, dark green cabinets, matching the style of the old cabinets, were added to the space. This is the what the kitchen looks like now:

Photo: Aston Design Studio

For more pictures and information concerning the makeover, please visit Aston Design Studio. 

And if you're not so into oak kitchen cabinetry, check out our step-by-step guide to painting them!

How to paint kitchen cabinetry - a step by step guide

What do do with Oak Cabinets [Aston Design Studio]

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Veronica on Oct 10, 2015:

I love it! 

The problem with oak is the stain that was often used and that it just looks so dated with the curves. Don't even get me started on the hearts that people thought made lovely decor. Living in the midwest, I see a lot of oak and really detest the old style in most of the homes around here. However, oak is the most abundant tree so it makes sense to use it. It's a lot of work, but new stain or paint and hardware makes a ton of difference. 

Anonymous on Oct 10, 2015:


Anonymous on Oct 10, 2015:

I liked the before better. :-)

Anonymous on Oct 09, 2015:

No mention of the change to recessed lighting or the added back splash?

felicity on Oct 09, 2015:

Its very appealing and i love the flooring nice changes

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