HUGE Master Bedroom Gets Super Lux Makeover

HUGE  Master Bedroom Gets Super Lux Makeover
Photo: JWS Interiors

Interior designer Jennifer Wagner Schmidt had a HUGE pallet with which to work when confronted with this bedroom. The odd thing is, in the "before" picture, it looks smaller. (Perhaps the furniture placement? The angle of the photograph? Both??) After, we see the room in all its square footage glory. Seriously, how many bedrooms are large enough  to feature two dressers as bedside tables?

Photo: JWS Interiors

And if that doesn't impress you of its size, this space has room enough for a sitting area that rivals some living rooms!

Photo: JWS Interiors

For more pictures and information, visit this page on Domino in which the project was featured, or visit JWS Interiors.

JWS Interiors Lux Project: Master Bedroom Before and After [JWS Interiors]

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