Roundup: 12 Projects that Prove Spray Paint is the Best DIY Material EVER

Roundup: 12 Projects that Prove Spray Paint is the Best DIY Material EVER

I used to be afraid of spray paint. Not the paint, really, but the potential for globs and drips. But spray paint has come a long way in just the past five years or so, and continued practice using it has alleviated those fears entirely. I'm guessing millions of others feel the same, which is just one reason spray paint has become the best DIY material every invented. (Okay, maybe ONE of the best DIY materials ever invented.) And our roundup proves it. From the expected to the totally UN-expected, spray  paint is the bomb. 

We'll start with a piece of not-so-basic furniture. In this case, a highly-stylized bamboo night stand. It acquired a shot of high style with some glossy red spray paint.

Photo: Hometalk

These old wire chairs were ripe for a makeover. A stiff wire brush to knock off the rust followed up by a little sanding was needed before priming and painting, but the extra effort paid off big time. 

Photo: DIY Network

Wire chairs, sure, but what about FABRIC chairs? Yup! (In this case, FADED outdoor chairs.) 

Photo: The Home Decor Blogs

Okay, metal and fabric chairs, but what about VINYL chairs? Yup! 

Photo: Reposture Studio

Skeptical about the vinyl deal? Check out this chair's makeover that went from poo brown to shiz.

Photo:   Little Green Notebook

How many seen-better-days lamps have we seen at yard sales and local thrift stores? Hundreds if not thousands, it seems. Cans of spray paint and funky new shades and they could all be saved from a lives of boredom. 

Photo: Rain on a Tin Roof

There really wasn't anything wrong with these lamps before their makeover, except for the fact that they didn't seem to "go" with the rest of the room in which they were located. After some spray paint, they are perfection! 

Photo: DIY Home Decor Blogs

For all its brass, this lamp of the hanging variety lacked pizzazz, but some turquoise spray paint changed all that. 

Photo: Restoration Redoux

A Dollar Store ceramic owl takes a turn from tacky to positively Jonathan Adler, thanks to a shot or two of spray paint.

Photo: My Mommy Style

Red gumball machines have a certain charm, to be sure, but they don't suit every decor. Destiny found a way around that with some GLITTER spray paint!

Photo:  Just Destiny

No "before" for this one, but there's no need. We've all seen black rubber door mats, right? A shot of white spray paint and a little hand sanding later and we have cool shabby chic wall art

Photo: Salvage Dior

Honestly, I would have NEVER thought to spray paint Christmas light cords, but it's really the only way to coordinate if the wires are exposed. Plus, it looks so much more 'posh' than that pine green alternative. Genius! 

Photo: Landeelu

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jill s on Aug 17, 2016:

Do you think I could/should & if so what kind of spray paint to use for covering woven wood shades?

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