How To: Make a DIY Plywood Floor Mirror with Open Shelving

How To: Make a DIY Plywood Floor Mirror with Open Shelving
Photo: Fox

Plywood is a modern DIYers dream material for it's industrial, hip vibe and no-frills attitude. So, it's no surprise that there are loads of cool projects that utilize the material, like these DIY rolling storage bins, a minimalistic DIY daybed, and now a DIY plywood floor mirror with open shelving for beauty products, accessories and more. Want to see how this project turned out?



Made by the lovely ladies of The Merrythought for Fox, this plywood mirror idea is perfect in its form and function. The shelving, for small items that you'd want handy while getting dressed, is such a nice touch. Don't you think? 

Photo: Fox

And I love the simplicity of the finished piece. What about you?

Visit Fox for the full tutorial and more photos.

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sheryl on Jun 22, 2016:

need to take that drill away from that person,before they drill a finger.you NEVER hold wood like that and drill it! that is a trip tp the ER in the making.

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