How To: Make Ceramic Hand Dishes

How To: Make Ceramic Hand Dishes
Photo: My Poppet Makes

Although the maker of these MCM hand dishes (Cintia) identifies them as a "kids craft," the idea and technique is appropriate for any age. Although, preserving the size and shape of a kid's hand in such a way is about the coolest childhood memento ever. I've just started experimenting with air dry clay, which this project utilizes, and  I love it. (Just wish it wouldn't shrink as it dries. Any tips to mitigate that?) Besides the clay, we probably have everything else on hand we need to make one or two.  Various clay tools for working with clay, like a skewer, a knife, or stamps for texturizing; acrylic paint; a rolling pin; Mod Podge; and a paint brush, to name the bulk of the supplies. For the entire tutorial, head on over to My Poppet Makes. 

Kids Craft: Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish [My Poppet Makes]

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