Before and After: $4 Kitchen Island Makeover

Photo: Naptime Decorator

Liz's kitchen island was driving her bananas. Its stained honey oak top just wasn't jiving with the new industrial stools she snagged awhile back. So Liz forked over about 4 bucks and 5 hours of her time  to make over the top of the island. After sanding it down, she applied a rich walnut stain and followed it up with a wipe-on poly. 

Photo: Naptime Decorator

And as for the island and those industrial stools...they're getting along marvelously now, as their tops now match the top of the island. (See the stools peaking out?)

Photo: Naptime Decorator

 For more pictures and information about the makeover, please visit Naptime Decorator.

Giving the Kitchen Island a Makeover...And a Good Decorating Lesson [Naptime Decorator]

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