How-To: Glam DIY Leather Jewelry Dish

How-To: Glam DIY Leather Jewelry Dish
Photo: A Pair & A Spare

This super easy project combines all of the hot trends that are happening right now - metallic hardware, geometric shapes and even colored leather. And beyond that, these dishes are downright functional. In addition to being the perfect receptacle for jewelry, they would also make a great spot for keys. Or spare change. Or paper clips. And the list goes on. Continue reading to find out how to make your own triangular trinket dish.   


How-To: Glam DIY Leather Jewelry Dish
Photo: A Pair & A Spare

The finished product is super chic - your friends will probably ask you where you bought it. And it won't take long to make, either! Head over to A Pair & A Spare to check out the full photo tutorial. 

DIY Leather Jewelry Dish [A Pair & A Spare]

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