9 DIY Techniques That Look Expensive, But Aren't

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes
Photos: Homey Oh My and The Lovely Drawer

If you’re anything like me, you may have spent the last few months drooling over the luxurious materials that have been so popular on Pinterest lately. Sadly these high-end looks come with a high-end price tag and I've never been able to justify splurging on a marble side table or shiny gold accessories.

Until now, that is! As it turns out, with a few hacks you can easily get that luxe look for less - click through for nine clever ways to bring a little chic to your decor.


1. I might not have the funds to splurge on gold accessories, but I can certainly afford the mylar needed to make this tray (via Homey Oh My).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Gold tray DIY
Photo: Homey Oh My

2. All you need is a little contact paper to turn plain desks into beautiful marble side tables (via Kristi Murphy).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Marble side table DIY
Photo: Kristi Murphy

3. Make statement pieces like these faux marble candle holders (via Design Sponge) with just a bit of clay!

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Marble candle holder DIY
Photo: Design Sponge

4. Use spray paint to achieve a textured stone finish like in this pretty pebble candle holder project (via The Lovely Drawer).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Stone candle DIY
Photo: The Lovely Drawer

5. If you're a copper fan, you'll love this tape DIY - take a look at how easy it was to add a copper gleam to these planters (via Homey Oh My).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Copper planter DIY
Photo: Homey Oh My

6. Malachite is stunning isn't it? And while the real deal may be out of my budget, I'm definitely going to try getting the look using this clever fabric trick (via One King's Lane).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Malachite table DIY
Photo: One King's Lane

7. Why not get those glass paints out to make yourself a colourful stained glass window (via A Beautiful Mess).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Stain glass window DIY
Photo: A Beautiful Mess

8. Exposed brick is beautiful but if you’re a renter and can’t make changes to your walls, don’t despair - you can get the look without the hassle using wallpaper (via Fall for DIY).

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Exposed brick wall DIY
Photo: Fall For DIY

9. Okay, maybe wood isn’t an expensive finish per say, but if you’re not comfortable with wrangling large pieces of timber to make a bed head, try using fabric instead (via Craft Hunter)!

9 Ways to DIY High-End Finishes: Fabric wood bed head DIY
Photo: Craft Hunter

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Stephanie Lee on Dec 03, 2015:

Oh wow Ashley, that's such a great observation - you're totally right, plants do make everything look a whole lot more luxurious (now if only I could keep them alive!)

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