Eye Candy: 10 Deliciously Colorful Living Room Sofas

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas
Photo: Devon Dyer Design

It can be scary to buy a colorful sofa - it's a big investment, and quite a commitment. But if you can muster up the courage to do it, it's sure to pay off in a big way. Here are ten gorgeous brightly-colored sofas that make big statements.   


10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

1. Two colorful sofas in one room? Now that's bold! [Photo: Emily Henderson]

2. This orange couch looks like a comfy spot to read a book. [Photo: Refinery 29]

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

3. This blue sofa really pops in an otherwise neutral space. [Photo: Apartment Therapy]

4. This orange tufted number looks beautiful with the other floral and geometric elements in the room. [Photo: My Domaine]

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

5. Even hot pink can work! [Photo: My Domaine]

6. A bright purple sofa gives this living room a memorable look. [Photo: Planete Deco]

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

7. Another purple, this time more of a mauve shade, lends a classic feel to this space. [Photo: Architectural Digest]

8. Here, a raspberry red sofa is the focus of the room. [Photo: Front + Main]

10 Colorful Living Room Sofas

9. Here's another example of a red sofa, this time a bright leather chesterfield. [Photo: My Domaine]

10. And this celery green stunner looks even more lovely with colorful throw pillows on top. [Photo: Devon Dyer Design]

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