How To: Make Magazine Image Transfer Art

How To: Make Magazine Image Transfer Art
Photo: Crafts Unleashed

As fans of DIY and crafting, I'm guessing we all still have a soft spot for actual paper magazines. Some, Martha Stewart comes to mind, have photography that is pretty enough to be framed. In this case, Nancy decided to skip the frame entirely and transfer images from magazines directly on to canvas. The result is a really cool  weathered look. The secret ingredient of the how-to is Mod Podge Photo Transfer Medium. Other stuff we'll need to make some or many include....

  • Magazine images (Nancy says thinner pages work better than thicker)
  • Canvases (Nancy used sweet little 3" x 3" canvasses) 
  • A foam brush
  • Wet rag
  • Clear Glaze Spray
  • Satin Ribbon (only if you're stringing them like Nancy did)
  • A hot glue gun (ditto of the comment above)


Photo: Crafts Unleashed


Photo: Crafts Unleashed

For all the details, and more pics, visit Crafts Unleashed

Spring Decor Idea: Magazine Image Transfer Canvases [Crafts Unleashed]

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