Before and After: $61 Powder Room Makeover

Before and After: $61 Powder Room Makeover
Photo: The Endearing Room

When Lauren's family first moved into their new home, she was impatient with its powder room makeover. She picked the wrong wall color, and the fixtures were too modern. In her own words, she didn't know what she was thinking as they weren't her style at all. Eventually, she couldn't live with those original choices, so it was time to makeover the makeover. The bulk of her tight $61 budget  was spent on a new light fixture ($40). An Etsy find, some thrifted things later, and this is what the powder room looks like now:

Photo: The Endearing Room

As you can see from this shot, the style suits the rest of Lauren's home perfectly:

Photo: The Endearing Room

For more information and photos about the makeover, visit The Endearing Home. 

Powder Room Makeover [The Endearing Home]

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Anonymous on Apr 27, 2015:

oh,YES! that mirror and the art arrangement MAKE that room,plus the paint color.VERY well done!

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