6 Clever Ways To Use Common Household Items To Organize Your Home

alternative uses for household items
photo: Oleander and Palm

I have a collection of vases from random flower arrangements that have been given to me over the years. I can't bring the inner hoarder in myself to throw them out. I have all sorts of little items around the house like that and wanted to find ways to use them for organization and other purposes! Let's talk this out!       


Use a bunch of small vases to store makeup, jewelry, and personal items under the bathroom sink. If the vases are clear, the search for something specific will be much easier!

tips for using household items for organization
photo: Lexy Ward

Use a bunch of small jewelry and decorative trays as catchalls around your workspace. If you have any decorative bowls (I won't disclose the number I own), they make perfect miniature vases for airplants. No soil. No water. No mess!

household items used differently
photo:Real Simple

There are tons of different uses for ice trays. And there are so many colorful varieties so you don't have to stick to white only anymore. Ice trays are perfect to organize your earrings, rings, and other small jewelry items. They'd also make perfect organization items in desk drawers to hold the thumbtacks, paperclips, and such! 

alternative uses for household items
photo: Good Housekeeping

This idea just floored me. Forget folding your linens and sheets when they're not in use. Simply wrap them around wrapping paper tubes! Not only does this prevent a ridiculous amount of wrinkles, but it can also open up the storage shortage! 

alternative uses for household items
photo: Crowder's

A flower pot saucer is good for more than just catching water. You can use these guys to store toilet bowl plungers next to the toilet. I'm always grossed out when I think of putting a plunger on the floor. Soooo, this helps!

alternative uses for household items
photo: Oleander and Palm

We all have a small collection of mason jars in the house. They're so cheap! And they just collect! It's not just me. (I hope!) This amazing marquee light by Oleander and Palm is an excellent project to use up those jars that might just be collecting dust in the kitchen cabinets! 

Do you have any household items that you hold on to and use for other things? I'd love to hear your suggestions! 

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