Budget Decor Month + A New Instagram Challenge

Budget Decor Month + A New Instagram Challenge
Photo: Sarahdipity Photos for Curbly

This month is budget decor and makeover month here on Curbly. And we'd love for you to join us in sharing your own thrifted projects and budget-friendly decor DIYs by using the hashtag #CurblyThriftUp on social media. What kind of projects are we looking for? It can be as simple as a thrift store vase that you spray painted to give a bold new look, as large as a vintage furniture makeover, and everything in between. Sound good?   


Just snap a picture that fits the bill, use the hashtag #CurblyThriftUp and @Curbly on Instagram and you might just find your project featured on site at the end of the month. 

Need a little inspiration before you get started? Check out this thrifted $22 stool makeover (image above) and the Curbly makeovers page for even more ideas.

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