Jeff Lewis's Top Tips to a Fabulous Kitchen Makeover

Jeff Lewis's Top Tips to a Fabulous Kitchen Makeover
Photos: Delish

I adore Jeff Lewis's design esthetic. So when I saw that he had compiled 6 tips to a successful kitchen makeover, I was all over it. Here's a nutshell:

1. Jeff starts a kitchen redo by perusing interior design magazines. I think this is a telling admission and one we all need to keep in mind when  we're feeling uninspired about our makeovers. Even our interior design heroes need inspiration from other designers.

2. Consider open shelving. Okay, okay, this look isn't for everyone, but we can't argue that it doesn't open up a small kitchen. 

3. Add a bar area to a kitchen. I went to a party a few months ago in a multi-million-dollar home that had been made over to the hilt. It had a gorgeous living area off the kitchen complete with a fireplace that could fit a family of four. Off the living room to one side was a quarter-sawn oak paneled billiard room with a coffered ceiling and to the other side of the living room was an area for a grand (player) piano that played along with the song list in the homeowner's iPod via an iPod dock. Where were all the guests? Those 4 or 6 not playing pool were in the kitchen sitting around the bar. Yeah, bar areas in kitchens are almost a necessity these days no matter what the size of the mortgage.

4. Keep appliances small if you don't have the space. I've been in gorgeous tiny kitchens with huge, six-burner stoves. Not only do they over-power the space, they look like the chef in the house is overcompensating for something. 

5. Don't skimp on cabinet pulls. We all know this one already, but what surprised me is Jeff mentioning his favorite place to buy cabinet pulls: Restoration Hardware. (!)

6. Add a closet, if you can. Yes, this one requires construction, but, yeah, closets in kitchens are wonderful.

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