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3 Simple But Unique Ways to Display Plants

by on Mar 26, 2015

Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog

Today, we’re excited to share a guest post by Shehzeen of The Desi Wonder Women Blog. Take it away, Shehzeen….

Hi guys. I’m Shehzeen and I’m a lifestyle blogger with a disproportionately high obsession with home décor. I do a mix of DIY with solid, investment pieces and love, love mixing the old with new new.

I love repurposing and finding something that can that can perform a function completely different from its intended usage really makes me ecstatic. Everyone loves plants around the house, they just make a space feel alive. Putting all of them in traditional plant pots would be just outrageous so I picked out the following three ways to set them up in unusual pieces that would add lots of quirk to your space.

A tall indoor potted plant is displayed next to an artistic mask and a couple of framed drawings.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog

#1. Waste Bin. A waste bin is your friend. I found mine in copper but even if you can’t find something metallic, a wicker bin or anything with an interesting pattern should work. I found this one at the grocery store for just a few dollars which confirms my belief that you should always scour the everyday, boring stuff because sometimes gems are right under your nose.

A potted plant, two framed drawings and a mask sitting on a desk.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog
A small tree grows near a small plant near a stack of three pillows.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog


#2. Basket. A basket is so easy, it’s almost cruel to not use it for this. There are so many options you can find, a bunch of stuff that you can do to spice up the look, my brain is kind of exploding at this point with ideas that can change the future of mankind. A straw basket is next on my agenda.

A plant is growing in a container on a red and blue rug near another plant growing on a container with two pillows.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog
Plants are growing in a box near a white wall.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog

#3. Wooden Crate. A wooden crate is personally my favorite because it has about ten times the character of anything else. I saved up this bad boy when I got a bunch of fruit from the farmers’ market, cleaned it inside out, threw it in the sun for a few days to kill the nasties and it was ready. I didn’t even cut the plastic ties around it because I like it as it is. Plus the lettering on it adds loads of character.

Bamboo grows in a box on a red and blue carpet.
Photo: The Desi Wonder Women Blog

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