Apartment Tour: 90 Square Feet in NYC

Photo: Curbed

Helen Rowell's tiny West Village apartment is one of the tiniest I've ever seen. At just 78 inches wide, it's smaller than a queen-size bed is long. But it IS in the West Village and her rent is only $775 a month. Helen's become quite adept at getting rid of stuff, which she says is  her "favorite thing," which is good because 90 square feet doesn't hold much. 

Although, Helen has mastered the small space she does have. A platform bed with storage underneath, folding bistro chairs, impromptu plumbing pipes to fashion a closet...she's got everything covered. 

Photo: Curbed

And yes, the apartment has a kitchen, but, alas, no bathroom. That she shares with one other occupant in her building. 

Photo: Curbed

To see more pictures of Helen's apartment, head on over to Curbed. What do you think? Could you live in 90 square feet?? Could you share a bathroom like Helen does??

How One New Yorker Lives Comfortably in 90 Square Feet [Curbed]

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